Sterling Silver Premium Beef

You’ll never look back after tasting our rich, flavourful and incredibly tender cuts of beef. They’re aged to perfection and custom cut, and their beautiful marbling and exceptional juiciness make this line, exclusive to Sobeys, simply delicious.

We promise you that if you are not completely delighted with the flavour, tenderness and juiciness of your chosen cut, you’ll get your money back. We guarantee it.

Our Proud Atlantic Roots

At Sobeys we’ve proudly supported food producers and growers from all over Atlantic Canada for over 100 years. Today it means you can always find an amazing selection of Atlantic made food and ingredients right at your neighbourhood Sobeys.

In the future, as we build even more partnerships with the incredible food producers in our region, we promise you even more goodness to come.

Christmas Gallery

JW Sobey’s original delivery truck will appear at parades across the Atlantic this holiday season.

Gingerbread cookie decorating sessions will be held in Atlantic stores over the season.

Dave Sobey introduces the sixth generation of the Sobey family to the Star of Christmas tradition

Cynthia was a last-minute addition to the original Star of Christmas ad.

Choir director Cynthia was brought back for the remake.

The St. Agnes Choir from Halifax, Nova Scotia.

One of the dozens of Sobeys employees from the Elmwood Moncton Store who helped setup and star in the new commercial.

The original Star of Christmas song was written by Bob Quinn for Sobeys in 1987.

Choir director Cynthia with three original members of the St. Agnes Choir.

Over 100 trees were brought in for the shoot.