We have so many delicious cuts of Sterling Silver® Premium Beef to choose from, you’ll have no problem finding the right pick for every occasion, from casual grilling to family dining to entertaining. Our meats are selected for quality, aged to perfection and custom-cut just for you. Wondering where to start? Read on to find the right choice for your next meal.

AAA Prime Rib Roast We carefully select our cut from Canada AAA Beef Prime Rib Roast to ensure quality. It has beautiful marbling and is optimally aged, making it perfect for oven roasting. Coat it with your favourite wet or dry rub to bring out its full flavour.Look for the Certified Tender* seal.
Boneless Blade Roast

For celebrations and Sunday dinners, our Boneless Blade Roast, served with roasted veggies on the side, makes a rich and hearty slow cooker meal. Bonus: Leftover slices of the meat make a delicious sandwich.
Eye of Round Steak

Eye of Round Steak is a small, disc-shaped, boneless cut. Tenderize the meat with a marinade, and then stew, grill or broil it. This cut is especially well-suited to slow cooker braising.
Flank Steak

If you’re searching for a versatile option, look no further than Flank Steak. This boneless cut has a distinctive vertical grain and great texture. It’s flavourful and delicious when broiled, grilled (marinate it first, if you like) or braised and shredded.

Rib-Eye Steak is cut from the rib section and is rich, flavourful and extremely juicy. It has a lot of marbling, which makes for tender meat. This cut is best for grilling, broiling or pan-frying.Look for the Certified Tender* seal.
Bone-In Rib Steak A Bone-In Rib Steak is a rib-eye with the bone left in, which helps keep the surrounding meat tender and juicy as it cooks. This steak makes a spectacular entertaining main dish.Look for the Certified Tender* seal.
Top Round Steak

Top Round Steak is an affordable cut that offers full flavour. When marinated, a round steak works with all cooking methods.
Strip Loin

Also known as New York strip, Strip Loin Steak is cut from the short loin. It has a satisfying, incredibly tender texture and robust flavour. Juicy strip loin is perfect for grilling, broiling or pan-frying. And since it’s boneless and thick, you can cube it to make kabobs or appetizers, or grill and slice it as a main for a small group. It’s especially tasty with a pat of herbed butter. Look for the Certified Tender* seal.
T-Bone Steak

T-Bone Steak, also known as short loin steak, is named for the distinctively shaped bone that runs down its centre. (It’s called a porterhouse steak when it’s cut thick.)The cut gives you the best of both worlds: a strip loin on one side and a tenderloin on the other. Richly flavoured and deliciously juicy, it is great grilled, broiled or pan-fried. Look for the Certified Tender* seal.

Tenderloin Steak (a.k.a. filet mignon) is almost buttery in texture. It is boneless, doesn’t have much visible marbling, needs no trimming and barely shrinks on the barbecue. Extremely easy to cook with great results, tasty tenderloin is good for grilling, broiling and pan-frying. Try wrapping it in bacon to give it a smoky flavour. Look for the Certified Tender* seal.
Top Sirloin

Top Sirloin Steak is the king of versatility — it’s as easy for newbies to handle as it is for seasoned grill masters. The most premium of the sirloin cuts, top sirloin is also affordable. This one’s a great everyday steak and perfect for feeding a crowd.

*CBGA certifies that this product meets process requirements for Certified Tender beef. For more information on Certified Tender beef visit CertifiedTenderBeef.ca.