Our Sensations by Compliments Aioli Dip & Spread comes in three tasty flavours to add a creamy kick to your favourite dishes. Try spreading one on a turkey sandwich made with thick, crusty bread. Delicious.

We wanted to bring our customers an aioli we’d be proud of, and we think our Sensations by Compliments Aioli Dip & Spread delivers. Our Roasted Garlic Aioli tastes great on steaks and sandwiches, No Limits Barbecue Aioli is the perfect companion for sweet potato fries, and Chipotle Aioli adds just the right amount of heat to fish and tacos.

Available in Chipotle, Roasted Garlic, and No Limits Barbecue. Experience great taste at fabulous prices. Crafted with quality ingredients and true passion, all of our Sensations by Compliments products are free of artificial flavours and colours.

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