Our Sensations Black Tiger Shrimp are sweet and succulent, with a firm texture that makes them really special. They’re delicious when enjoyed on their own, and are also ideal to add to your favourite dish for a real flavour boost.

No matter the season, these shrimp are perfectly versatile. They’re available either cooked or uncooked, and are peeled and deveined making it easy to pop into a stir-fry or simply dip into seafood sauce. Want to feel even better? Our Sensations by Compliments Black Tiger Shrimp are Best Aquaculture Practices Certified – so you can be confident you’re making a responsible seafood choice.

Available in Uncooked Extra Large, Cooked Extra Large, Uncooked Extra Jumbo and Cooked Colossal. Experience great taste at fabulous prices. Crafted with quality ingredients and true passion, all our Sensations by Compliments products are free of artificial flavours and colours.

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