Salad’s never boring when you drizzle it with dressings that range from tangy to sweet to garlicky—whatever your preference. Pick up all our Sensations by Compliments Salad Dressings and don’t hold back!

For big flavour, try our Blue Cheese vinaigrette—so tasty with bibb lettuce and croutons. Or, there’s our sweet and zippy Citrus Honey Poppy Seed, which pairs well with darker leaves like spinach. When boiled eggs or potatoes are part of the salad mix, try Roasted Garlic & Bacon as a topper. See in-store for all our flavours.

Our dressings add instant pizzazz to any salad, and there are so many to choose from that family members can put their own spin on their greens. We’ve scouted out the most popular flavours—all you need to do is squeeze the bottle, then dig in.

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