Helping Canadians Eat Better, Feel Better and Do Better

For over 109 years, our employees, franchisees and diverse retail network have established deep connections with customers and the communities we proudly serve. We are proud of our history of giving back to the more than 900 communities where we live and work and support many initiatives that assist families, children and local community groups. Launched in October 2014, the Sobeys Inc. Better Food Fund will help to grow our collective legacy by supporting access to and the advancement of better food through donations and partnerships with Canadian charities.

The vision of the Sobeys Inc. Better Food Fund is to help more Canadians – regardless of income, age or ability – have access to affordable wholesome food, basic cooking skills and nutrition education.

  • Eat Better – Food access through support of food banks and meal programs
  • Feel Better – Health management and prevention
  • Do Better – Food literacy through nutrition education and cooking skills programs
Special Olympics Canada

The Better Food Fund has teamed up with Special Olympics Canada to make better food possible on and off the field.

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Home Cook Heroes

The Better Food Fund has partnered with WE to provide nutritional literacy, food awareness and basic cooking skills to schools in Canada.

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Combining a Commitment for Lifelong Physical Activity with a Passion for Nutrition

In October, 2015 Special Olympics was announced as the second partner of the Sobeys Inc. Better Food. Our three-year partnership centers on nutrition education and cooking skills in Special Olympics programs across the country. Through hundreds of programs, thousands of our neighbours – from 2 years of age to adults – will access nutrition guides, cooking classes and fresh accessible food.

Canadians with intellectual disabilities face staggering adverse health conditions, leading to increased risk of chronic disease. Fifty percent of people with intellectual disabilities are more likely to experience obesity, heart disease, stroke, type 2 diabetes and some types of cancer. Nutrition education is critical to reducing the risk of chronic disease.

While many know Special Olympics from their games and competitions, this incredible organization is so much more than games. In small towns and large cities you can find a Special Olympics program for all ability levels. They provide resources that focus on basic motor skill development such as the Active Start and FUNdamentals programs, for ages 2 to 12. Community and school programs occur daily for athletes 12 and up that offer sport skill training in 18 different summer and winter sports. For those whose ambitions follow a competitive pathway, Special Olympics offer competitive opportunities at the local, regional, national and world levels.

The common thread in all Special Olympics programs, whether daily programs or Team Canada on the World stage, is the need for increased focus on the importance of good nutrition. To learn more about our partnership. visit To learn more about Special Olympics Canada visit

Inspiring Kids Across Canada to Become Home Cook Heroes

We believe that cooking is an important life skill – and we’re inspiring more kids to become Home Cook Heroes!

Learning where your food comes from, how to cook it and trying new types of food can help kids become happier and healthier into adulthood. Children must learn to cook in order to make informed choices about what they eat. Even better, we want to help more kids become excited about cooking at home. Creating kitchen confidence is important for the whole family – whether preparing ingredients, tasting new food, testing out a fun recipe or discovering your very own creation.

To launch the Sobeys Better Food Fund, Sobeys Inc. and WE partnered to co-develop an empowering program called Home Cook Heroes. Home Cook Heroes is a series of free lesson plans that empower students in thousands of schools across Canada to make healthy choices and gain essential food and cooking skills. Students learn what they consume and the impact it has on their bodies, prepare and make meals through the development of cooking skills and direct their new found nutrition literacy to create positive local and global change. Lesson plan topics include; reading labels and Canada’s Food Guide, the journey food takes from field to plate, eliminating waste, food cultures in Canada and sharing a prepared meal. Since its inception, approximately 40,000 youth have participated in Home Cook Heroes across the country and 88,000 youth and teachers have learned about the program at WE Day – stadium-sized events that combine the energy of a live concert with the inspiration of extraordinary stories of leadership and change. To learn more about Home Cook Heroes, visit