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When it’s hot out, the last thing you may want to do is turn on the stove and cook, so let us take the heat with these Ready For You options. If you’re more DIY, we’ve got recipes that make putting a summer meal on the table no sweat!

We’ve gathered some tasty, summer favourite dishes that allow for more time outdoors, and less time in the kitchen. Try our Ready for You, ready-made options for speedy meals when you need them. If you’re craving a DIY option, we’ve got easy meals to make for when you want homemade without the fuss.

Fantastic Flatbreads

Korean-style, pulled pork topped flatbread garnished with coleslaw, green onions and sesame seeds sitting on a blue cutting board with a knife next to it.

Take: Korean-style pulled pork flatbread

Made in store and ready-to-eat, these flatbreads are topped with cooked, pulled pork, Korean-style marinade, Compliments crunchy coleslaw, a scattering of sliced green onions and sesame seeds. Perfect for those hot nights when you don’t feel like cooking. Available in our Kitchen Dept.

Grilled naan bread sandwiching grilled pork medallions and quick zucchini pickles sitting on a white plate next to a side of coleslaw.

Make: Pork Sandwich with Quick Zucchini Pickles

Leave these grilled naan breads flat for your own, easy take on a flatbread. Topped with grilled pork medallions and an apple cider-based zucchini quick pickle that has just the right amount of tang, dinner for four is done in 45 mins!

Quick Wraps

 Four pieces of a wrap style sandwich filled with Korean-style marinated pulled pork, coleslaw, green onions and sesame seeds sitting atop a green cutting board.

Take: Korean-style wrap

Korean-marinated pulled pork, Compliments crunchy coleslaw, slices of green onions and nutty sesame seeds are wrapped in a flour tortilla for a satisfying, tasty summertime sandwich. Available in our Kitchen Dept.

Peanut dressed shredded chicken, mango and vegetables over a Boston bib lettuce leave, served on white plates.

Make: Thai Chicken Salad Lettuce Wraps

In half an hour (or less if you use pre-cooked chicken), you can put together this Thai-inspired wrap for a quick lunch or dinner. If you’re avoiding carbs, you’re set with the lettuce wrap. If you prefer a more traditional sandwich, feel free to wrap this chicken salad in a flour tortilla and you’re set!

Super Sandwiches

A deli department meat and cheese-stuffed dagwood sandwich served on a French loaf with shredded lettuce and tomato slices.

Take: Whole Assorted Dagwood Sandwich, 1.15kg

Bite into an assortment of tasty meats and cheeses from our Deli Dept., fresh lettuce and tomato slices layered in between an in-store baked French loaf and dressed with mayonnaise and mustard.

A sky high deli meat, cheese, olive, roasted peppers, red onion and arugula filled French loaf muffuletta sitting on a marble chopping block with next to a bowl of chopped, pickled vegetables.

Make: Muffuletta Sandwich

If you’ve got twenty minutes, you’ve got enough time to make four sky-high muffuletta sandwiches featuring Italian cold cuts, cheeses, marinated artichoke hearts and roasted vegetables, olives, arugula and red onion slivers. It’s like being in the Big Easy without leaving home. One recipe feeds four, to boot!

Crispy Fried Chicken

Shot of the crispy chicken meal deal on a white plate with a side of dipping sauce with a pack shot of the Compliments coleslaw next to it.

Take: The Crispy Chicken Meal Deal

Pick up a southern-style crispy chicken meal deal that includes nine pieces of chicken, your choice of a Compliments pre-packaged salad (850-908 g) including potato, macaroni or crunchy coleslaw salads, and get 30 air miles! Perfect for lunch on the dock, the beach or the park.

Cornflake crumb coated oven fried chicken on a white plate sitting next to a sweet potato and carrot rosti.

Make: Oven-Fried Chicken with Sweet Potato & Carrot Rosti

Ditch the deep fryer with this kid-friendly, one-dish meal that offers you the textural crunch you’re looking for in fried chicken, only this version is oven-fried and coated with corn flake cereal. Served with a side of sweet potato and carrot rosti, you’ve got dinner for four in an hour, tops!

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