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100% Canadian pork has excellent marbling, delivering tenderness, juiciness, and flavour in every cut.

Exclusive Products at Sobeys

Proudly produced in Quebec, Nagano Pork products are renown for their tenderness and juicy, rosy meat. Carefully bred and fed a mix of grains including wheat, barley and soy, the result is an exceptional, white marbled meat that makes for a wonderful and flavourful eating experience. Butchered to Japanese specifications, these Nagano Pork products are exclusive to Sobeys and are sure to become a family favourite.

Nagano Pork cuts include:


*Available at select Sobeys stores :

Atlantic: Sobeys Spryfield (321), Sobeys Timberlea (329), Sobeys Windsor Street (554), Sobeys Queen Street (574), Sobeys Bedford (580), Sobeys Cole Harbour (586), Sobeys Panavista Drive (622), Sobeys Clayton Park (644), Sobeys Lower Sackville (670), Sobeys Windsor (672), Sobeys Tantallon (684),
Sobeys Bedford South (725), Sobeys Fall River (739), Sobeys Greenwood (746), Sobeys New Minas (747), Sobeys Russell Lake (758), Sobeys Tacoma Drive (772), Sobeys First Lake (788), Sobeys Wyse Road (806), Sobeys Mumford Road (881)

West: Sobeys Preston (5093), Sobeys Kildonan (5382), Sobeys Brandon South (9518), Sobeys Mahogany (5386), Sobeys Lewis Estates (3194), Sobeys Walker (5190)

Cooking Tips:

  • **Cook your Nagano Pork cuts until you reach an internal temperature of 71°C (160°F). Your meat will be slightly pink in the centre as it should be so that it stays juicy and tender!
  • Look for cooking juices to run clear
  • Choose sweet and salty combos with your pork for a tasty eating experience and don’t forget, these cuts are perfect for grilling!

Exclusive to the banners operated by Sobeys Inc. Exclusivity applies to the noted pre-packaged Nagano Pork products and ‘big box’ retailers. Does not apply in Quebec.

Travel to Asia via your plate with this Nagano Pork Chop with Ponzu Sauce recipe. Serve this dish with Indonesian Peanut Fried Rice.

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