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The leaves are turning, the smell of wood smoke is in the air, and the kids are counting down the days to Halloween—fall is a magical time of year in Canada. From apple picking to the first hockey game of the season, autumn is packed with fun activities for the whole family. And what better way to toast these special moments than with a hot beverage that warms you to your toes? Here are some of our favourites.


1. Fall hike.

To get a look at the first of the season’s colourful foliage, head north for a hike. Before you go, whip up a batch of Classic Cocoa with Marshmallows and pour it into a thermal bottle. Pack the marshmallows separately in a sturdy container—so they don’t get squished—and make sure to bring spoons for scooping them up them up. Once you’ve found a fine lookout, raise a cup of hot chocolate to the beautiful leaves.


2. Apple picking.

From taking a tractor ride through the orchard to horsing around in the hay barn, a family trip to an apple farm creates the best autumn memories. Buy a jug of apple cider before you leave so you can make Orange-Spice Mulled Apple Cider when you get home. With the aromas of cinnamon and star anise filling the house, you can start peeling apples to make Quick Cinnamon Applesauce for the freezer.


3. Thanksgiving baking.

Before the turkey hogs the oven for the whole day, get ahead on Thanksgiving dessert with a friendly baking get-together. Whether you’re making Classic Pumpkin Pie or Apple Cardamom Honey Cake—or both!—brew creamy cups of Green Tea Hazelnut Latte to enjoy as you chop and stir. The grassy flavour of green tea is terrific combined with rich hazelnuts, and this drink also happens to be dairy-free.


4. First game of the season.

The bag is packed, the skates are sharpened and the sticks are taped. Let hockey season begin! Before you warm up the car, fill a couple of travel mugs with our Gingerbread Almond Latte. Sweetened with honey, enhanced with almond beverage and fragrant with baking spices, this tasty latte will keep you warm while you cheer in the stands. And for those crack-of-dawn start times, this coffee-based drink is a tasty replacement for your regular morning brew.


5. Halloween movie marathon.

Whether you prefer horror, comedy or a bit of both, a Halloween movie night will get the whole family into the spooky spirit. For the adults,our Maple Caramel Cider Toddy is a delicious match for the scarier stuff, and you can make a separate non-alcoholic batch for the kids for a soothing “not toddy” before bed.


6. Carving pumpkins.

Halloween is here! Once you’ve picked your pumpkin, start searching for face designs online. While the kids are scooping out the seeds, warm up with Maple Pumpkin Spiced Latte for the adults. If you’re in the mood, spike it with a slug of brandy, whisky or rum.


7. Opening the fireplace.

As the evenings get colder, it’s time to dust out the fireplace, stock up on wood and light the first fire of the season. While the kids are upstairs doing their homework, enjoy a quiet moment with a cup of Spiked London Fog. This unique beverage combines milky Earl Grey tea with a bit of aromatic gin. To warm up the mugs, partially fill them with boiling water and dump it out right before teatime.


8. Family skate.

When fall heads into its final weeks, outdoor rinks start to open for the winter season. With an icier chill in the air, you’ll want to pack a big thermal bottle of Peppermint Tea Hot Chocolate along with extra scarves for your first family skate. Featuring the classic pairing of chocolate and mint, this beverage combines soothing herbal tea with rich hot cocoa. It will help thaw out your feet after a long skate and make this late-autumn moment even more delicious.


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