Sobeys Artisan Bread

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Sobeys Artisan Bread

Made fresh daily, wholesome and always delicious.

We’re head over heels in love with bread — and proud of it! So we went to some of Canada’s top makers of handcrafted breads to help us develop our assortment of Sobeys Artisan Breads. Why choose our Artisan Bread? Because bread this fresh is simply magic. We don’t use preservatives or additives, and fresh bread today means sandwiches tomorrow (and French toast on the weekend)! Most important, they taste good, like real food should. It’s all part of our promise to help you eat better every day.

Sobeys Artisan Breads

The greatest thing since sliced bread is Artisan Bread.

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Our Artisan Bread is crafted using time-honoured methods allowing the flavours to mingle. The result? Good. Better. Bread.

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