We’ve got the blues and that’s a great thing! Check out our selection of Castello Blue Cheeses in our cheese department. They’re perfect crumbled into soups and salads, or tossed with hot pasta.

Of Danish origin, Castello Blue Cheeses come in slices—easy in sandwiches—or delicious, blue-veined blocks. Fresh cream gives richness and smoothness to the Extra Creamy variety. Mellow Castello Noble Blue spreads and melts beautifully. The Crumbled Blue packs a flavour punch and is outstanding sprinkled on steaks. While the Traditional Blue is a little salty and sharp—perfect with crackers.

Adding a Castello Blue Cheese to your main course gives extra kick with its rich, creamy flavour. Blues are a favourite among cheese lovers, so keep a few kinds in the fridge for quick-and-easy entertaining and for when a mood for blue strikes you.

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