Our Compliments Petites Potatoes stay firm and delicious when boiled—just chop them in half to transform them into chunky potato salad. Kids will want to try out all the colours.

These baby spuds come in so many colours to choose from: yellow, white, red, and our medley selection, with its vibrant mix of red, yellow and blue. Petites Potatoes take the flavours of fresh herbs well, and are even slightly decadent with a knob of butter or a dollop of sour cream or mayonnaise. Try them mixed with chopped pickle or green onions for extra bite.

Petites Potatoes are stunning with their colourful skins on, so there’s no need to peel. Plus, with less cooking and chopping required, they’re simple to prepare—perfect, because no summertime buffet or picnic table would be complete without them.

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