It’s not a party till the chip bowl appears, and Kettle Chips are royalty when it comes to flavour and crunch. Make sure a dish of Sensations by Compliments Kettle Chips is close at hand!

There are so many flavours to choose from in our Kettle Chips range! If you can take a little heat, you’ll love Jalapeño, or Hickory Barbecue, which adds a hit of smokiness into the mix. Sea Salt and Malt Vinegar has a satisfying salty yet tart appeal. Our Black Pepper and Lime chips are so zesty you’ll want to keep a couple of bags in the cupboard. Psst…there are even more flavours in-store!

Kettle Chips are the extra-crunchy snack folks can’t get enough of. Whether you’re throwing a backyard bash or curling up for movie night, we’ve got so many chips to try that you’ll want to make the season one long celebration. Great value, great taste!

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