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Here’s the good news: Most of our fish comes in “dressed” (gutted) from our suppliers. But if we’ve got anything that isn’t already dressed, then absolutely, we’ll take care of that for you!
You bet! Just ask us. Here’s a list of our offerings.
Keep it in the fridge, in its package, so it stays cold. You’ll notice there’s a best-by date sticker on any fish or shellfish we wrap for you and sell at our Seafood Dept.; use that as your guide regarding how long to refrigerate your purchase.
You better believe we do! We always try to have a local and seasonally relevant selection for our customers. This varies by region, time of year, and proximity to the ocean. As we move into Easter, it will be halibut season, followed by spring lobsters, sockeye salmon in June and July, and a few other species in between and beyond.
Great question! We’ve got a tasty selection of marinades—including maple chipotle, dill, and honey garlic—for your next salmon fillet or side. We’ve also got tips and tricks on how to cook salmon, plus pointers if you’re looking to cedar-plank your next salmon on the grill.
Our favourite is to slowly pan-sear over a low heat. Cooking fish at high temperatures is great for searing, but you run the risk of overcooking your perfect portion.
Our team likes halibut, hands down; it reminds us that after a long winter, spring is almost here. Think of it as the oceanic counterpart of asparagus!
Fillet on a cedar plank! A whole fish stuffed with lemons and dill is one of our favourite go-tos. It’s easy to make, delivers flaky perfection, and feeds a crowd.
We really enjoy shrimp made scampi style, with loads of garlic, lemon zest, olive oil, chili peppers, and fresh arugula. If you ask us, this is perfect served with pasta.
We have lots of choices—including our Ocean Wise–recommended seafood, which is the industry gold standard for sustainable seafood—but there are many other options in our assortment as well, including these organizations.
This depends entirely on the time of year. We suggest halibut in the spring, lobster for Mother’s Day, sockeye salmon in the summer and fresh oysters on the half shell for an elegant New Year’s Eve. If you’re from the Prairies, you might have enjoyed pickerel for Christmas Eve, like one of our team members. For him, it’s a “taste of home.”
We will steam on demand for you while you wait or shop at no extra charge—just ask us. This handy service is available in all Atlantic and Ontario Sobeys and Sobeys West stores that have lobster tanks in the Seafood Dept.

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