Watching the big game is a lot of fun, especially when it’s accompanied by an all-star menu. On game day, serve up a combination of prepared and homemade foods that allows you to get in on all the game time action with friends and family, rather than be sidelined in the kitchen. From chips and dip to hearty chili, we’ve assembled a roster of mix-and-match MVPs (Most Valuable Plates) for your all-star menu lineup.

Huddle Up Prior to Kickoff
As the coach, you need a solid game plan. A potluck is a convenient way to get the whole team involved without the stress of planning a complete menu. When your players ask what to bring, deliver an epic pre-game speech and suggest one of our recipes. Keep track of what each player is bringing to the field, so there is a variety of dishes that won’t disappoint.

A Superstar Dip
No game is complete without chips and dip. It’s the perfect combination to keep guests snacking from kick off to final whistle. And these MVP contenders will make you a winner.

Blow the competition away with Compliments Organic Salsas (available in medium and mild flavours) and tortilla chips.

Guacamole with Goat Cheese & Tomato: A twist on classic guacamole, the game-changer is the tart goat cheese livened up with a dash of hot sauce.

Your veggies will be taking it to the house and diving into the end zone with this Classic Spinach Dip served in an edible bread bowl!

Classic Hummus Dip: Chickpeas captain this easy dip – ready in 15 minutes and perfect with homemade pita chips or vegetables.

In our Classic Baba Ghanouj recipe, oven-roasted eggplant is ready for Sunday paired with a winning team of rich tahini, lemon juice and garlic.

Put Talent on the Table
Offering finger foods means there’s no need for cutlery, just loads of napkins. Spicy, crunchy, fresh – make your MVP a tasty touchdown of textures and flavours.

Kickin’ Chicken Wings: Bring your ‘A’ game with wings doused in a sweet and smoky glaze.

Jalapeño Chili Nachos: Tackle hunger with tortillas layered in melted cheese and Sensations by Compliments Stompin’ Steakhouse Chili with Beans soup.

Sensations by Compliments Honey Garlic Ribs: Ready to cook and smothered in sweet and sticky sauce, these ribs will have you doing your best touchdown dance all the way to the oven.

Sensations by Compliments Appetizers: Our wide variety of crispy bites are stuffed with gourmet fillings and are ready for the oven — a time-saving cheat that won’t be called a foul. Bake, serve and enjoy!

Butter Chicken Pizza: Ready butter chicken sauce and stone-baked pizza crust make this easily assembled game day snack a fusion cuisine touchdown.

Beef Empanadas: These hand-held pies are bursting with tangy ground beef and veggies, and are easily made ahead to save time on game day. Simply re-heat and serve.

Grilled Goat Cheese & Chive Jalapeño Poppers: Stuffed with garlic and lemon-infused cheese and packing a satisfying panko crunch, this zesty appetizer will have you cheerleading from the sidelines. Too cold for the barbecue? Pop these halftime hits into the oven.

Cajun Snack Mix: Adding Cajun seasoning and garlic powder transforms a third-string trail mix into an elite all-star.

Fresh Cut Vegetables: A colourful, store-bought veggie platter is prepared for you and ready for the game. It’ll keep your players nibbling throughout all four quarters – and even overtime.

Bring in a New Ringer
Hand-held snacks are great, but a heartier option (or two) will help you score big with your guests. Choosing an MVP will be a close call with these recipes that easily feed a crowd.

Big-Batch Bacon Mac & Cheese Casserole: Make bacon the star of the game by adding crispy bits to this comfort-food classic.

Slow Cooker Beef Short Rib Chili or Vegetarian 6 Bean Chili: The only thing better than winning is a steaming bowl of stew, packed with braised meat or a bean blend.

Mini Jalapeño Cornbread: Don’t pass on the extras! Homemade Tex-Mex corn muffins make a perfect assist with a bowl of chili.

Slow Cooker Pulled Pork Sliders: Here’s what’s hot for halftime: mini sandwiches stuffed with tender meat braised in barbecue sauce.

Entertaining Sandwich Platter: Fans can munch on assorted sandwiches, prepped and ready for the big game, crafted with fresh fillings and artisan breads.

The Sweet Smell of Victory
No matter the game’s outcome, you’ll need a full roster of MVP-worthy treats! Winning means you have something to celebrate; a loss calls for much-needed comfort food.

Dessert on a stick scores a touchdown every time. Our Cheesecake Truffle Skewers are especially popular with the littlest of fans.

Together, chocolate and walnuts create a delicious team in our Dark Chocolate Walnut Brownies recipe. This decadent dessert is ready in 40 minutes.

What does victory taste like? Victory tastes like ice cream generously packed between freshly baked cookies. Our Double Chocolate Ice Cream Sandwiches are the perfect post-game treat.

The referee might need to break up a fight over a platter of these Lemon-Cranberry Cornmeal Cookies. Luckily, a single recipe makes 40 cookies – so all players can have a taste.

Serve your fans something fresh with our Fresh Cut Fruit platter.